Our main line of residential asbuilt services consists of providing asbuilt documentation for the existing homes which assures accuracy and acceptance by the local Planning and Building Agencies, Architects, Engineers, General Contractors and other parties who may be involved in the construction process. Final set of asbuilt drawings usually includes:

  1. Floor Plans depicting all interior and exterior walls, windows, doors, access doors, window and door schedules, openings, skylights, exposed beams, stairs, soffits, built-in casework, attached decks, balconies and patios
  2. Mechanical and Electrical Layouts depicting plumbing fixtures, HVAC register locations, power, data, TV, communication outlet locations, lighting layout with switches.
  3. Roof Outline depicting valleys, ridges, hips, slope drainage, parapet walls, chimneys.
  4. Exterior Elevations depicting all visible elements such as posts, walls, windows, doors, openings, stairs, railing, roof exterior siding, doors, windows and ceiling heights.

When presenting a property to the market an owner expects a home to be sold with little to no asbuilt documentation. This can often make the task of brokering a deal with a potential client quite difficult. Depending on the type of building, its use and potential customers, a custom level of asbuilt services is be provided.

Prime Edge LLC supports residential General Contractors with CAD Drafting, As-Builts and Post Construction Field Verification services. For example, due to time constraints client asks General Contractor to proceed with the demolition process before obtaining the rest of the building permits (sometimes demolition permit can be issued before building permit.) In this case Prime Edge LLC provides a General Contractor with accurate documentation on the structure before the re-modeling or addition project, ensuring the smooth design and approval by the local Planning and Building agencies.