What kind of commerical services do you provide?

Prime Edge LLC provides three types of commercial asbuilt services: post-construction asbuilt documentation, measured drawings as-builts and facility planning as-builts. Post-construction asbuilt documentation is performed using original design drawings and all of the documentation of the changes made during the construction process including requests for information, change orders, field directives, addenda, redlines and other relevant information. Complete set of asbuilt drawings is usually kept on file by the general contractor as well as the owner. Measured drawings are drawn before the design phase of the construction project begins. Measured drawings are necessary to document existing conditions when record data is unavailable or has not been updated properly. Measured drawings are usually performed from scratch and require full access to all areas to be measured and drawn. Facility Planning as-builts is a service rendered in cases when basic data such as sq footage and use of the area are needed. Prime Edge LLC follows the latest version of the BOMA Standard to classify and collect data on site for such purpose. Recent addition of the PlanCue solution developed in-house allows Property Managers to track facility data online and is compatible with the most popular FM database tools.

What technolgy is used to collect data on site?

Prime Edge LLC has developed a new method and a system for performing measurements on site for commercial structures. Currently Prime Edge uses the technology to double check measurements performed in order to compare its ability to accurately obtain measurement data as well as compare the speed of data collection on the field. AsbuiltEdge Technology utilizes prevalent method of using Bluetooth point-to-point laser measuring devices to perform bulk of the data collection.

What areas do you serve?

Prime Edge LLC performs commercial work in the most of the United States. In the past, however, most of our commercial projects have been concentrated within San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego, California, Arizona and Washington.