Asbuilt drawings (as-builts) are essential life cycle management tool in commercial structures as changes and expansions are made to company's facilities. Prime Edge LLC assists owners, facility managers and commercial building contractors in one of the two following phases of construction:

Pre-construction Asbuilt Documentation: Prime Edge LLC provides accurate documentation of the structure before the remodel or TI. The formulation of these documents is usually coordinated with a General Contractor or an Architect in order to understand the requirements and specifics of the project. Asbuilt drawings are delivered as an electronic file and as a hard copy compliant with the Standard AIA format, assuring rapid development into the design phase.

Field Asbuilt Documentation: Prime Edge LLC works with General Contractors and subcontractors during construction to help document changes and deviations from the original construction plans that inevitably occur during commercial projects incorporating RFI's, Addenda and Change Orders into CAD and BIM asbuilt models. In their collaboration with Prime Edge LLC, General Contractor is taking a proactive step by ensuring that the final customer receives quality as-builts at the end of the construction that are fully compliant with the project specifications.

Prime Edge LLC has an extensive technical expertise in generating comprehensive layouts of commercial buildings using today’s advanced laser technology. Using accurate measurements derived from an on-site survey, Prime Edge either updates existing CAD files provided by the client, or prepares a new set of CAD documentation. Our latest innovation in data acquisition technology called AsbuiltEdge provides significantly higher accuracy when collecting data in the field compared to standard methods used in the industry.

Prime Edge LLC understands that the successful completion of any commercial project demands accurate asbuilt documentation, compliant with specifications and standard CAD practices. At Prime Edge, most of our commercial projects are prepared using AIA layering and drafting guidelines, that assures compatibility and acceptance by most Architectural firms. To inquire further about how Prime Edge LLC can assist with your commercial project, please feel free to contact us.