What kind of residential services are provided?

Prime Edge LLC provides full line of residential services designed to assist homeowners, real estate brokers, residential builders and Architects. A homeowner either personally, or through a local Architect hires Prime Edge to obtain existing dimensional data within the structure and a complete set of the asbuilt drawings. The need for residential asbuilt drawings is driven by a provision set by the local Planning and Building Departments that requires the submission of a complete set of Architectural plans for most remodeling and addition projects.

What are residential as-builts used for?

Residential As-builts are used for three primary purposes.
  1. Asbuilt drawings assist a design professional in their preparation of the proposed construction documents. To ensure seamless collaboration with your Architect, Prime Edge LLC uses American Institute of Architects drafting standards.
  2. Asbuilt drawings are required when seeking project approval for a remodel or addition from your local Building or Planning Agency, as the reviewer will need to reference asbuilt drawings with the proposed plans.
  3. Asbuilt documentation is an accurate representation of existing conditions. Many conditions which have the potential for causing construction claims can are discovered by Prime Edge during the site verification process, thus saving our clients from dealing with unexpected change orders.

What kind of residential structures do you perform as-builts for?

Through the course of business we have performed asbuilt drawings for single family residences, multi-family residences, apartment complexes and condominiums. At Prime Edge we understand that privacy is a critical concern for performing as-builts in people's homes. We work with the owners and the tenants in order to minimize the intrusion factor and perform all data collection with a high level of respect to the tenant and their property.

What technology is used when doing residential data collection?

AsbuiltEdge Technology is efficient within similar space configurations such as offices, cubicles and other areas with similar geometrical properties. Most residential as-builts are performed using a standard laser point-to-point measurement device along with the digital protractor (or miter finder).