Residential As-builts

Residential asbuilt drawings usually consist of Floor Plans, Elevations, Roof Plan, Electrical and HVAC layouts. Typical drawings show all required architectural information including window and door schedules. Plans depict locations of electrical outlets, switches and heat register locations. A complete set of asbuilt plans assures smooth construction and reduces unexpected costs associated with change orders. All drawings provided by Prime Edge LLC satisfy local Planning and Building department asbuilt requirements. Prime Edge will always provide an example of the final drawings in "pdf" format of a typical residential set of plans upon request.

Asbuilt Deliverables

Residential Prime Edge delivers plans in Architectural D size (24x36) format set of vellum hard copies and a CD with "dwg" files and accompanying information in "pdf" format. Prime Edge provides in-house wide format copying and plotting services if such desired. Our personalized file-sharing system gives clients online access to the files allowing all members involved in design, consulting and construction of the project to access asbuilt plans at all times for the duration of the job.

Fast, Reliable and Experienced Asbuilt Field Survey for Residential, Multi-Tenant, Mixed-Use, Commercial, Industrial, Retail, Hospitality, Private and Public projects.