About AsbuiltEdge(tm)

In the last several years innovations in laser technology have dramatically improved quality and speed of data collection in the construction field. For this reason Prime Edge LLC extensively utilizes advances in software and laser equipment to manage and update building plan data. Prime Edge had developed a tool and accompanying software interface with a consistent input from our associates that has contributed to an evolution of a patent pending method for asbuilt data collection called AbuiltEdge(tm).

Why Use AsbuiltEdge(tm)

AsbuiltEgde(tm) technology provides an improved method for data collection as well as instant data allocation on site. Because of variety of uses beyond asbuilt plan development such as estimating, Building Information Modeling (BIM), building data management and others, AsbuiltEdge(tm) technology is now under continuous development by our sister company located in San Francisco, CA. Please visit our web site at www.AsbuiltEdge.com for more information on the product.

BOMA Plans On-line

Prime Edge consistently utilizes Internet development tools such as .NET Framework that allows development of personalized data sharing and management tools for our clientele. Such coordination system has been customized by ECBridge, Inc. specifically for our firm to allow clients to stay connected and updated on project progress 24 hours a day. Currently we are working with a leading SF Bay Area asset management firm on the improving of our on-line BOMA Interface to allow for an easy plans implementation conforming to ANSI/BOMA Z65.1 standard.

Other Technology Notes

While offering our customers personalized attention, our team uses the same system to share information internally which improves response time to customer inquiries and ensures that all project members work with the latest data. At Prime Edge we also keep in mind the fact that some of our clients strategically chose to use earlier versions of industry-standard CAD and Facility Management tools.

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